Transform Your Little Girl's World With Tangled Wall Stickers

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Published: 21st December 2010
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All the girls, big and small, are anxiously waiting for the new 3D animation movie, Tangled. This new Walt Disney release is all set to hit the theaters this November. It is a very fascinating fairytale love story which has impressed all the girls for decades now. The long blond hair of Rapunzel has always mesmerized the girls from across the world, and many of them even wish that they had long blond hair.

The movie is going to be released in a big way and some of the Rapunzel merchandises have already hit the stores and are selling hot in the market. Girls would dearly love to take Rapunzel to their bedrooms in the form of Tangled wall stickers. Some of them have even purchased blonde wigs to show their liking and support to the movie.

Tangled wall decals are not like the ordinary wall posters. These are more lifelike and they easily change the entire theme of the girl's bedrooms. The purple, pink and gold combination on the girl's bedroom walls is something that they would like to show off to their friends whenever they visit your place. The smile on your daughter's face would be absolutely priceless.

The perfect gift for your little girl these coming holidays would be to surprise her with Tangled wall stickers. If her birthday is coming up soon, there wouldn't be a better gift that you can give her than transforming her room with the pretty Rapunzel themes. It would be a perfect birthday gift that she would remember for the whole year. You could also give her this fabulous gift on any other upcoming occasions as well.

The 3D version of Rapunzel movie has a very interesting storyline. In this movie, Rapunzel is kidnapped and confined on a tower from where she cannot escape. She ends up growing her long blond hair all the way down to the ground from the top of tower. She gets help to escape her unique prison when the handsome thief, Flynn Ryder climbs the tower to escape from the king's men. You will love the music tracks of Tangled, and you will have some great fun watching it.

Tangled wall decals are very lifelike and are really big. It is very easy to paste them on any smooth surface, preferably the walls. All you need to do is remove the blank sheet from behind the stickers and paste them. The best thing about these Disney Tangled wall stickers is that you can remove them whenever you want, and you can reuse them anywhere else. These stickers will not leave any sticky marks on the walls once you remove them.

It is very easy to transform your daughter's room with classic Rapunzel theme this holiday. It is always a better option when compared to the wallpapers, which the girls find quite boring and dull. Moreover, they tend to come off leaving ugly patches on the walls. Roomful of Rapunzel walls stickers will surely make her friends envious of her bedroom.

You could also give a unique look to the Tangled wall stickers by using some of the customizing applications that are available. You can add your daughter's photographs with the decals and give it a more personalized feel. It is not just the little girls who are fond of Rapunzel stickers, even the girls going to high schools would absolutely love to have them on their bedroom walls.

Get into the spirit of the new Disney movie by decorating your daughter's room with Tangled wall stickers. At, Rapunzel and many other kids wall stickers are available.

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